By Myself

To live without contact is to never feel a thing,

To live without humanity is to throw away compassion,

I shall never live without human contact.

I do not crave discrimination, corruption, or demoralization.

I do not desire idealization, justification, or manipulation.



I do not covet a book.

Nor do I lust after a single person.


What is humanity with only one human?

What is a life with no one else?

Human contact is a necessity, a driving force.

It is the source of joy and happiness.

It provides sadness and grief,

Without others the point is moot,

Without others it is all meaningless.


To live with contact is to know love.

To live with humanity is to know compassion,

I shall never live without human contact.

I crave conversation, motivation, and inspiration.

I desire emotion, affirmation, and collaboration.



I fear being left alone.

I dread being consumed by my own thoughts.

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