Holy Trinity


Throughout ancient time

human kind

has been confine

to the design

of someone else's mind

but im finally here

establishing my identity

my humanity

I am he

I am I

I am me

and i'm ready to be free from your tyranny

my holy trinity

rage, anger, and hate

are the weapons I take

to experminate

pain, sorrow, and suffering

all these different things

that you put me through

yes im talking to you

a while ago

you told me to let go

of emotions

like hate, anger, and rage

but how can I

when all this time

I've been put in a cage

when happiness and sadness gave me away

happiness self assured you of what you did

while sadness told you i was to weak to be a man

but I'm not to weak to be a man

I'm ready to be a man

ready to figh in this world filled with misery

I know its painful

but I'm willing to fight for eternity

because my body and soul

demanded it of me

to stand on my own two feet

to have the sword in my hand and in my enemy

the funny thing is

while you grow weary and old

 I grow strong and bold

these words are not from two years ago

but from eight years ago

when I first realised

my thoughts are mine

not yours

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