Social Experiment


United States

What would you change?

Change your change?

bank card?

Change the brakes on your car?

Change your boyfriend?

or his heart?



I would change the hate that festers human blood

So a boy with liquorice skin can roam

with some skittles and a hood


So a Venezuelan student

Yellow skin splattered,red blood, blue bruises

Can pull out their spoken sword

And be successful when they use it


So the Mexican immigrant

Quién solo habla Español

Puede caminar sin miedo por los calles

Y llamarle Los Estados Unidos su home


So Michael and Collin

When they look each other in the eyes

can say they love each other

in the hallway unconsumed by lies


So me, your ma

your grandma, your sisters, you

can stop being second class citizens

to whom its ok to rape, disrespect and abuse


Because inside the exterior

No skeleton is inferior

No color is most superior

move respect for humans to your egos anterior

because some things we do make humans

seem more revolting and pathetic

than lethal bacteria


So what would I change?

I would change me


I’ll be it

I’ll sweat

I’ll fight
and I’ll endeavor ‘till I see it.






*****fourth stanza translation*****

So the Mexican immigrant

who only speaks Spanish

Can walk without fear through the streets

And call the U.S their home



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