Check and Change

Check yourself 

before your wreck yourself

It's a time for change

but you staying in the same place 

in the same lane 

this ain't chess

so why are you playing games?

You're not a king or queen

so why stress?

For now you are just a pawn

on a lawn full of oppurtunites

weeds, flowers, and seeds 

can't you see your possiblities?

you are still able to move

still able to grow 

still able to shape your life into what you want it to be

still able to achieve and believe 

to be free of chains that can hold you down

you are not limited to anything

so why move when you aren't ready?

you move to improve

to be greater

push yourself out of your comfortable zone

out of the dome 

go forward and eventaully you will see light

this pretty sight you will see is called 

Your future 

Change is awesome

Face it and Embrace it 





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