I am a woman

I am a woman

The first thing you see is my body

Then my face



I am a woman

A slut if my heart loves several men

A bitch if I speak with force & determination



I am a woman

Fear of rape and desperate for love

Taught to be beautiful; knowing not what it is



You are a man

The first thing I see is your presence

Then your heart



You are a man

Admired for every woman you enter

Confident if speaking with force & determination



You are a man

Fear of being ‘whipped’; chasing after love

Taught to be tuff; knowing not what it is



We are human beings

Ignorant of one another

Comparing, judging, misunderstanding



We are human beings

Free at heart; peace at mind

Until they separate, and the mislead mind opts all



We are human beings

Blessed in a beautiful world, but trapped in all the hate we fashioned

At war within & outside us, as peace is hidden beneath corruption



I love this ! <3

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