Change is what people think they can accomplish

Change is what people think they can bring to themselves,

Yet they can't bring it to what we call "today"

We have people dying of hunger,

Yet people don't care about the food they're  throwing away

We have people who are just walking through bloody dirt of which thousands of deaths lay

Is this nothing to you?

You're just not caring just because you think there's nothing that one can do?

If you say you can change yourself,

Why can't you change war to peace?

Trapped to released?

Hatred to love?

Hunger to feast?

'Cause the world is no beast,

Don't be afraid to face it, and bring change,

'Cause respecting it is what you can do at the least

What are you afraid of?

Is change such a terrible word?

Hate to face it to you,

But "the world isn't a wish-granting facory"

Or the melody of a sing-song bird

There are challenges you have no choice but to face,

Stop looking down on people,

But rather to look above, go beyond

Never look down on someone, unless you're helping them up

You have a shoulder to lean on, when you're stuck,

But are you a shoulder to lean on when somneone else is stuck down in the dumps?

If you're not, you've just defined selfishness

A peson compared to you, i promise you, is no less

So, the next time you choose to throw away a single bite of your meal,

Think of how that will make someone else feel

Selfish is such a disgusting word,

Whenever you get the chance,

Help out a brother, a sister, a mother, a father

Think of the kids in Syria, or Sudan

And then compare it to the life you're living today,

You have absolutely no right to complain 

So, next time you waste a bite of food,

Put yourself in their shoes, and try to feel their pain.




amazing l.a but fix some spelling though

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