Brush the dust from the History Shelf

The world is SPINNING OUT
I have no utter doubt
That history repeats itself
And its happening now.
Do you think for a moment
That this would not happen?
Warfare in the world
Reflects warfare in the ghost-realm
That shadow-land that makes our world
Look so so real.

People cursing Christians
Christian cursing sinners
Girlfriends cursing boyfriends/girlfriends
Boyfriends cursing boyfriends/boyfriends
Jihadists cursing infidels,
Everybodys going to hell
Someone needs to stand and tell-

That history repeats itself.

For the Church-the Body?
Look how we fell away!
It started back with Israel,
Look at then, look at today!
They saw what God did,
And then they turned away.
History repeats itself
We are doing the exact same thing!

And do I dare to say,
What I know to be true?
How many knives will fly,
If I let those words come through?

Sin came in and nations fell,
In prophecy came true,
When marriage was left
All bereft,
For unions that-
When looking back
Seemed to have caused the downfall,
Of a society.
Family fell away.
Preachers fell away.
Men and women fell away
From eachother to one another-
History repeats itself
Brush the dust from your history shelf
Truth comes out and I-
Am bent to say it so
I'll paint a target on myself.

Of course,
From a Biblical standpoint,
That is what I see.
My mind is clear-unclouded,
I can see, can you see me?
I am not the worlds historian
But I study the histories.
History repeats itself
Wake up NOW and see!


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