You will never cherish what you have until it's no longer there,

You will lack care until every little thing disappears,

You'll put your career on delay for a friend that's only here for the year,

That's life it comes with questions that have no answer,

It comes with people that don't know their future,

No idea what they want to be,

Yet they'd have the audacity to dictate you and me,

This is the hypocritical society we're built around,

Where friends would trash other friends,

To be talk of the town,

The same friends that said they'd always be around,

But then leave you for that a new kid they found,

Life experiences,

Shows us what's bound,

How twisted this world is,

Growing basically by yourself,

Because you're mother's depressed in the house,

And your father's no where to be found,

Yet they say that adolescents don't have a reason to complain,

As if we don't see peers killing themselves everyday,

As if we don't see days turning grey,

AS IF WE DON'T SEE family drink their life away,

And all you have are tears when they're in their grave,

Yep this is the world that we're livin in,

Where the government has more control over the children then the parents,

And the big men are the basically the parents,

That make us seem like useless without their presence.

It disgusts me,

But we just throw a smile on our face,

Hug each other and rush to succeed,

Or is that only me.....

It must only be me......

Because a better way to living is all I want to see,

And that's what I will achieve,

As long as I breathe,

A day with better beauty will be in reach....... One day.....Thank you


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