Teach Your Daughters

Parents, teach your daughters.

Don't let them walk through life

Like this broken girl before you.

Who did not know her rights to leave, 

To let that word, No, so bitter on her tongue, pass through her lips.

Who was beaten half willing, shoulders out of socket, bruises on her hips.

No need to barter for your pleasures, she knew her place,

She'd zip her mouth and lock it.

Caressed and choked and spit on,

Stared down, grabbed, pinned, ordered around,

Who put on a smile when it was over,

Who laughed when faced with assault

'Cause even her bravest face was timid, learned,

That's the way her title, Whore, was earned.

The girl who thought that she was wrong

To feel that weight deep in her center,

To deprive Them of their pleasures.

She was never taught that she could leave,

That she could kick and bite and scream. 

Because all she knew was to give,  and not to fight.

And when she learned her worth she was ashamed,

She has been haunted ever since that first day,

Since she found she should have been afraid and told her mother,

And she can never recover the pieces that she lost.

Parents, teach your daughters. 

Don't let them leave until you're sure

That they've been given all the skills they need

To not end up like her.


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