What I Wouldn't Change

If life were perfect there would be nothing to change

Then on second thought, that makes no sense because "perfect" doesn't mean "the same"

But if that were in fact the case we'd make each moment last

With no time to regret, we'd never relive the past.

There would be no selfish tears at birth

No women, confusingly doubting their worth

No dead-beat dads running out on responsibility

No children left with voids filled with rage and hostility

There would be no tax dollars wrongfully spent

And no incompetent, dysfunctional, lacking, overbearing, corruption in the government

There would be no run on sentences

And no society influenced menaces

There would be no change in weather

No birds of a feather flocking together

There would be no jail overcrowded with criminals

In fact there'd be no incarceration in general

There would be no convictions of the Holy Spirit

And when God's voice rang out, everyone would hear it

Christ Jesus wouldn't have been sent to shed His innocent blood

And Noah's Ark wouldn't be in the Bible because there never would've been a flood

But if I could change anything, I'd lock "free will" inside of a cell

All would receive the free gift of salvation, we'd all go to Heaven and there'd be no such thing as hell



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