I am but a one man band
who has yet to learn more
but so many words like the sand
and my brain so stiff and sore
you ask what i do?
I'm a parrot just like you
I replicate your sounds, more than a few
imitating gestures, tones, and shoes
do i wish to be like this, some may ask?
never would i wish this upon anyone
accomplishment and fulfillment isn't an easy task
and you surely wont feel it til you reach the sun 
but parrots who gawk at the words that you say
and repeat and replicate, they'll do this all day
do you want to be the one in the cage?
or the one flying free to go smell the sage
I dare say one more thing if you will allow
would you chew your cud if you weren't a cow?
try breathing underwater, let's see how that works
rip apart flesh eating serpents like a shark
have a fly for dessert if you please 
roll in the mud, fly with the trees
eat with the bears and the bee's
go collect honey, or scratch off your flea's
so you see what i mean when i say what i was
a cage pecking parrot with colors and claws
till i realized that i'm no chirping dimwit
Iv'e got my own heart and brain and i won't quit 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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