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Feel the tongue tingling words oozing from my overly active brain.
The sensation of bottle popping knowledge residing in your heart.
His words will never hurt you again
The hammer in your chest will pound no more
All the thoughts will vanish like the extinction of many animals
Your throat will not throb anymore, your screams have been heard
The eyes you have drawn over and over again
That is your muse, she has spoken
Use your past to change your future,
Write to inspire and change your outcome

Feel the ever so soft lips of kindness
The affectionate mother that you never were able to feel
What you haven't had you will become
A twisted world you have grown up in
Soon you will enter the kingdom of answers.
When you do, you wont need to ask no more.
Work harder, feel deeper, and express your thought.

Now is the time, now is the moment
To make something happen.
To commit adultery in someone else eyes.
Revolutionize these four walls you have comforted yourself in.
There is nothing right or wrong
Just what functions and doesn't function in this world.

Desire to want more.
Desire to expand the mind and body
The massive expansion of the hunger growing in your soul
Has spoken, she needs to be feed with mindfulness.
Feed with courage and gratefulness.
The bottle popping feeling means time is running out.
You need to decide and jump off the cliff
You have been standing on for months.

Close your eyes and start moving your eyes
Similar to a paint brush on a canvas
Mixing colors and creating journeys.
From your sight to the the world.
Those paintings will become reality
And manifest into reality.

Those moments of joyfulness will be repeated
Black white Black white like
The pattern on a Zebras coat.
Noticeably continuous with a different mood around the corner.
Promise to feel and understand deeply.
Look at my expression in the mirror.
I await growth of the mind and travel that
Can only be found through grasping other manners
Found through traveling the world and looking through
A different window.


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