The Circus of Life

Life is a traveling circus,

new experiences all around.

People may look strange,

or come off a little odd.

It might seem scary

to try different things.

But joining that circus,

might open your eyes.

Life is a traveling circus,

full of painted faces.

Some are creepy, while

some you can manage.

Wonder what it would look like

without all that makeup.

Are you really seeing the whole picture

or is only part of it there?

Life is a traveling circus,

animals at every corner.

Those adorable monkeys may seem sweet,

but maybe it's not so full of sugar.

Or how about those ferocious lions,

are they truly that frightening?

Don't judge merely by what you see

or by a standard set before.

Judge based on what you've come to know.

Life is a traveling circus,

never staying in one place.

Answer me this - which would you choose?

Stay here on earth or explore outer space?

Your answer may differ from mine,

but that's okay.

Perhaps I'm that lion,

and you're the monkey.

Different beings

with different feelings.

So buy your ticket,

and travel with the circus.

Life is waiting to be explored.

Maybe the exploring

can start at your front door,

not just a front row seat.

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Our world
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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