Small and quiet
This frail child,
Always seeking validation from others
Always wanting to know what she did was okay
Did she look right? Did she walk right?
Is her hair in place? Is she sitting up straight?
This frail child always too scared to speak up
Too scared to say "You messed up this order"
And "Please don't touch me"
Too scared to be seen but never wants to be forgotten
This frail child has grown though
With every person who walked over her
She has grown
With every wrong done onto her
She has grown
She knows her worth
She knows what to say
She knows where she is wanted and needed
She knows now how to speak up
This frail child is gone
Her attitude has changed
Her attitude is the best thing about her
Because it's the most positive
It's the most respectful
But it will not be taken for granted
This frail child grew,
And will not allow anyone to walk over her
Will not allow anyone to break her back into being small
Because she is me
And I am strong

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