End The Cycle

There are many things wrong

And many things right.

So much confusion.

So little light.

How many times 

Must we face a disaster?

The lights keep on fading.

And there is no real "master".

The chaos is within

The chaos is without.

There are children running

And no adults about.

These kids

They don't see

They don't learn

They can't love.

It's sad, and it's true

So when push comes to shove

They shove their way up

They shove their way out

They pray that someone

Can help them all out

These kids that are crushed

With no one around

Are the kids with the power

But they don't make a sound.

They have no education

They have no hope.

Some believe this is life is real.

Others believe it's a joke.

The power within them

Is not being fulfilled.

They all have potential.

And yet, their spirits have spilled.

There's blood on the floor.

There's no love in the halls.

The pollution in the air.

The graffiti on the walls.

This is the world

We are leaving behind today.

These are the kids

Who have nowhere to stay.

They grow up as thugs

They don't want to learn

But one day, I hope

They have the power to earn. 

The power to love.

To change.

To see.

That this is our world.

And money isn't free.

To make it in life,

You have to work hard.

And I hope, and I pray

They'll make it this far.


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