Goodbye Depression

It has been 4 years
I can finally say goodbye
I will say it with content
Because it was a battle I thought I would never forget
One change has given me that power
The power to say goodbye
One person has changed my perspective
One person has helped me water my once dying garden full of white roses
My roses have survived a hurricane
My roses will now bloom
Oh how I love this person
With everything I have and every part of me
A love has been brought my way
And an aching soul has been taken away from my body
My heart is now my own
I survived a passage of hatred and sadness
My passage with tornadoes, sandstorms, earthquakes, & tsunamis is over
Finally I have found the definition of so many words I could not clearly pronounce without having my throat feel sensations of a never ending burning fire
Because of my lover, I have obtained true happiness, loud laughter, real happiness, devoted love, and a warm heart
Goodbye depression
You've been a disastrous journey

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