A Change of Heart

Once upon a time, I tried to be like you. 

I tried to act and look the same, and like the same things too.


I used to be your shadow, but now I've got my own.

I am done being a copycat; today, I stand alone.


Originality; the key to all variety. It's something that we all possess. 

Instead of trying to hide it, I will embrace my uniqueness.


I tried so hard to fit in, but my efforts caused me pain.

When you said I'd never be good enough, I realized it was all in vain.


My life trying to be 'cool', was kind of pointless. And so, I had a change of heart.

Tomorrow, I will stop trying, and just be myself. In fact, that's what I should've done from the start. 


You insult those who aren't perfect, You think your words can bring me down

But really, you're just making me stronger. When you think I'm about to drown, I'm actually learning to survive longer.


Before you go and criticize others, First check yourself and reassess.

Who knows, there you may discover, That even you are not completely flawless.


Now I do not want to be like you. No. It even shudders me to think: 

That I was almost on the brink of losing my own virtues.


These days I find myself spreading my own wings, no longer trying to blend.

And maybe one day, you too, will comprehend: that you are you, and I am me.

The end.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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