In His Hands

With so much wrong in this world

I cannot decide who is to blame

I know not who causes poverty

Nor all the criminals could I name


I would like to change so many things

But I know not of their cause;

So without the proper knowledge,

I must stop and take a pause.


What do I have the right to change?

For we all are in His hands.

He knows what He is doing,

He is the creator of these lands.


Who am I to judge His work?

Or decide how to make things just?

The only thing I have knowledge to change

Is myself, and change myself I must.


I once heard a wise man say

That you, yourself has to be

The change in this world

That you would like to see


So I polish my own inadequate flaws

In hopes that one person’s turn

Would help others to notice

And for their own refinement yearn


God, please bless me with some patience

And compassion for others

And some understanding for those suffering

For they are my sisters and brothers


Grant me the serenity to accept things I can’t change

And courage to change the things that I can;

The wisdom to know the difference between them

And the sufficiency to better who I am;


I have the power to change myself

And to make this world a better place

So my morality grows and empathy improves

And those small changes promote the human race.


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