Storm of Ignorance


United States
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Storm of Ignorance
By Lynisha Arceus

New Orleans went under water
Haiti got shock
Miami might be next
Who knows what element might take us by surprise
Or maybe our very own ignorance
Might multiply and turn from a tropical storm
Into a category9
Whipping away everything we know
Bullets striking people down like
Lighting hitting metal
Graduation rate going down
Like the water level
Popping Molly's causing flooding in the brain
I Call that shallow thinking
Why you think you’re dripping sweat
Not cause you’re a heavy thinker
Heat waves will melt hip hop down
Like sugar daddies in the beaming hot sun.
Like melting down old gold and creating something new with it
Because this so called hip hop music
I don't move with it
Let the strong gust of winds (sign) blow away
These cutbacks in education
Another cutback is another
He could've of been an doctor
He would’ve of saved a life
But at Burger King asking
“Would you like to make that king size?”
I am no meteorologist
I am just me
I see things that a lot of people over see
I love my city
From the blue water on south beach
To eating a ribs sandwich for the lexx
I hate for my city to get washed away
Like words written into the sand on the shoreline
They said Miami weather is funny
But I call it warning signs
I am on my way to Home Depot
With a list
I'm building an ark big enough for my whole city to fit
So we can rise above the ignorance
You can join me in make a differences
Or you can get washed away with your very own ignorance.


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