I am a seed

I am a Seed


Longing to be watered, so I can spread my roots into the ground


To be able to dig deep down and build a path towards my own success

I am a Seedling


Seeing what I am starting to become and wondering, "Is this really who I am?"


Where I will end up if I choose to go down this path of destruction

I am a Plant


Trying to picture myself years ahead to have lived life with no regrets


That who I've become is who I planned to be when I was only a seed

I am a Tree

Laughing at the anxious seedling

I am a Tree

Reassuring the scared Plant

I am a Tree that has become who I've always wanted to be and more

I am a Tree that has lived it's life, following the path of success that I've built and living up to the expectations I had when I was

Only just a seed.

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