What would I change


If I could change

If I could fix every little


that lies within my mind

would I, even be I?


I could fix my nose

or figure

by funneling foreign substances

into my body

But would my body be me?


I've thought many times

If only

If only I was pretty

If only I was tall

If only I was more intuiitive

If only I was less sensitive

If only I didn't worry so much

 If only I wasn't so impulsive


The answer is

I'd change 

I'd change a whole lot of things

but I wouldn't be I.


I am a plain face

with a short athletic body

I am ditzy

I worry about things 

that will probably never happen

I act on a whim 

to deal with consequence later


I bet you would change you too

but I wouldn't advise

you have to think about others

think through their eyes

the people that you love

love who you are

that's nothing you want to change.



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