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Mon, 02/24/2014 - 16:02 -- aramz14


Some have dreams, others have visions.

It's all about setting up your goals with percision. 

Born, one day, sitting in an old classroom the next. 

But, you know, you won't be like the rest. 

Your dreams are bigger than little Johnny next to you 

or sweet Susie to your left. 

"I'm going to travel the world" you said 

"I'm going to stand up upon the great mountains from Calvaroo to Timbucktoo.

I will lay at the very edge of that mountain, and let my hands fall

I won't know who is below me 

But I WILL take any chances to pull that who below me 

right up to lay with me on the mountain

From LA to Shang hai

I will look poverty, fear, disaster right in the eye

No one will ever be left behind



I can't wait to see the world change

But I really can't wait to see me change. 


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