Not Stagnant


Not Stagnant

By: Eric Turner

Billions of people have died and are now forgotten, and unless you do something significant with your life, the same thing will happen to you. This makes me wonder, when you are told to do your homework, and when you are told to study for your test, all these things make me ask myself the same question. Why? What is this doing for the future of our great earth ? Sometimes I think the school curriculum is set up to make us fall in line, when id rather branch out and be an innovator. I seek the knowledge of those who left a mark on this world, those who's names are inscribed in ancient tablets and those written in our precious history books. In Egypt, pyramids on this earth today, were built to praise single beings, these figures who were considered gods among men, maybe these people were born into such praise and royalties, but some must have did something for their people to follow. They were given the knowledge to lead , I want to be an innovator like such before me. I want to create something that the world can use to progress, rather than stay the same. The schools should teach us how to use our minds as tools to make all life better. I refuse to sit, and remain. 


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