Nature of Human Nature


Thunder Bay, ON
1170 Riverdale Rd
46° 15' 57.7872" N, 63° 21' 13.6836" W

A world once of simplicity

Has fallen into a mystery

From chaos and destruction

Humanity could only blossom

As nature was utterly forgotten

As nature was utterly forgotten

The masses must have had caution

As ashes and cotton were not uncommon 


From the wars of Pyrrhic victory

Brings a melody worn by the lyric

The lyric torn from its captivity

Becomes much more than a symphony

To the ears whom shall not ignore it

As if formed from a torrent

The symphony of morality rages

Releasing the world from its cages

After maturing from the ages

Human nature changes

Human nature changes



Within the poem, the reader will find him or herself transported to various eras of time, as they explore their imagination. The poem is made to guide the reader along the various paths of their imagination. This is achieved with help from the themes that may provoke an emotional response. The audience that may have more of an emotional response would include people who are educated in the subject of history, such as slavery and war. This poem would make these people truly think about Humanity and how far it has come. By inspiring these individuals this poem is truly revolutionary. 




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