Autumn Song

Feeling the warm rays of golden sunlight,

their gentle touch carresing

my exposed skin

as I lay still listening, watching...

The murmurr of the leaves

a whispering all of the secrets never heard,

as they dance to the gentle song of the breeze

in colorful dresses of fire.

The sky and endless abyss of blue

spotted by the occasional whisp of a dissapating cloud.


The world is alive with the promise of change

and the colors of destructive fire meeting those vibrant colors of life.

The warmth mixes with the cold that promises death

a new ending for a new beginging.

The songs of the birds still fill the air 

with a disonant harmony, 

and leaves oblivious to the change

continue in their colorful celebration.


I lay in the grass watching,




to the festivities of change

thankful for what will remain

and for what is to come,

listening to the Autumn Song.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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