Lonely Soul

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 19:54 -- ngoj27

I once wandered the lands- with nothing but the dust.

The journey I took- I had no one to trust.

My year long journey- began in the spring

It was at this time, lonliness began to sting.

Those old nights- I used to love. 

But now, those memories I shove into the back of my mind.

As the desert got hotter, so were tensions.

For her name- I dare not to mention.

We still talk and laugh at each other.

For we no longer talk and laugh together.

As the season became colder, so was my heart.

My journey never existed. I was a vagabond.

For my trip- was useless. There was no end, and no start.

My soul found peace at last-

For I have fallen in love, fairly fast.

Goodbye 2016, you left me with nothing but depsair and misery.

Hello 2017, you gave me something and greeted me with a hopefuly mystery.


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