Second Chance


United States
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The emotions inside are astounding
My heart is racing, beating, pounding...
The words to say, things to do
Are right in front of you
What almost was, what could have been
All because of what happened way back then
It can be changed, it can be stopped
As long as your facade is dropped
You've known this all along
So come, come sing a song
A song of worship, a song of love
A song praising your creator above
His love never fails
He'll be there 'til the end
Around every corner, around every bend
He'll never leave you
Nor will He forsake you
His love for you
Will always be true
He'll never leave you in your time of need
But this warning you must heed
You must truly in your heart believe
If His blessings you wish to receive
That which we must believe
Is that which cannot be seen
You must put your faith in what's beyond your eyes
And believe in the Lord, God Almighty
Whose Son came from above
And washed away the sin of the world
All out of love
Love for you, love for me, love for the world He created
It's because of this love
That I have been given a second chance
To change my life, and it's because of this second chance
That I am the person I am today...
And that's why I'm giving you a second chance


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