Dormant Volcano


This is a dormant volcano about to erupt,
Not because of anger but because of love
Out of desperation for change in this world of darkness
Where little beauty lies I seek to create it 
Impacting others in a way that will cause change
The lava bubbling inside me, stirring my heart, 
Warming me
Inspiring me to reach the world 
To impact them in a way they have never seen
It is my purpose in life
This can't be achieved by staying dormant 
Slowly I gain the courage to show the world what they are capable of 
Maybe they will see the beautiful place they live in for what it is 
Love one another for who they are 
Then, only then the flowers will bloom 
The skies will open and light will shine to all who care to see 
There will be a great awakening among the masses 
Freedom from everything that one held them back 
Yes yes the thought of this gives me the courage
I finally erupt 
My lava ,spreading like wildfire ,converts multitudes
change is happening and it is amazing to experience this wondrous sight
The feeling of contempt overwhelms me 
Knowing that I changed the world though none thought I could being only a dormant volcano
Against all odds I did what most though impossible and you can too!


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