2. New Life, New Me

New life, new me.

That’s how it’s gonna be,

I was a sinner, lost at sea

I screamed for help, and God heard my plea

He reached down in the waters, and rescued me

I needed a Savior, so God sent His Only Son to pay my fee

For my sins, He was pierced on a tree

Bondaged by sin, and He set me free

I was full of pride, and full of jealousy

But that’s no longer me, I’m born again, can’t you see

I’m turning the page, because I want to be Godly

I’m going to follow the Lord, and I’m gonna do it happily.


New life, new life

For whoever belongs to Christ is a new creation

We're saved by Grace and Predestination

All praise to God, we are a chosen generation

I’m a child of God, so there's no condemnation

Even though my past life was an abomination

Lying, hating, backbiting-- and this is not an exaggeration

A life driven by sin wasn’t a toleration

I lost a couple friends, and lived in alienation

Had suicidal thoughts {beat} my life was a devastation

But when I met Jesus, my life had a transformation

I no longer live in sin, because in Christ, I have found my identification


New life, new me, and that's how it's gonna be!


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