To Talk at Attention

In 2015 I was too shy and lonely to even speak

Wanted to turn so many words down, but I was too weak


A year ago, was hurt with words, vision blurred

Mind and body stirred

Even then, its trodden disposition forced my move



Wanted to be a better man, talk my mind and gain respect

For that to come from my music, I truly did not expect


The accident in which I joined my school band was strange

Wasn’t till I returned to them that I finally started to change


Yeah we messed with each other, but it wasn’t the same

Could call us bullies to one another, but only in name


It was my cousins who were like that, first they visited then they left

After dealing with them, was like my social fears had faced their death


There was yet a nail to finish the coffin

So many new different ways how others lived their lives

I saw when I went to Scotland

Yet I’d been too scared to live my own


But then school came back, rejoined band with caution

Was surely then I began to thrive

For then I had friends with our music in common

Then time passed, then I’d grown


Shoulders flew back, my eyes met level as my head became aflutter

Yet now I find my words so free, lost the harsh grip of my stutter


This is my final year

Soon I must leave my friends, home and town

Its like reaching out of water to take a breath

To be dragged right back down


Now reader you have been given the opportunity to help me out

Send my needy self to college

Darkness enguled my past, my bright present, and about my future,

Nobody’s got that knowledge


… not even me

This poem is about: 
My family


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