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Happy moments I tend to despise because life isn't so easy and these are the tears I cry.
They say nothing lasts forever so why should my happiness, it'll just die.
But my content on life has led me with nothing much but bumps and a bruise.
That I always just figure why try, I always lose.
Living life in a hermits shell has led me to nothing but life long fails.
I try to get out but it clamped me in, But my mind keeps telling me go somehow you'll win.
My spirit will not die within, it keeps saying it'll take time be patient, do not give up within
I stand my ground and listen to my spirit within.
I preserver and push to get my back at it again.
It takes time and a lot of effort but I'll continue to do it.
My mind body and spirit is wanting to be free
It's up to me, to move all three.
At last I have come outside of myself and ditched the shell
I am as powerful as a loud sounding bell.
I am who I am, and I'm becoming who I love.
Life gave me this lesson, to help me rise above.


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