To the DREAMers



1. a person who dreams;

2. an escapist


To the DREAMers 

to the ones who have the courage to go against the grain,

to the brave; 

to the ones who crave "more" 

more to life,

more than life,

more than love,

more than just love,

more valuable than earthly treasures,

no valuable than the things above than the things that exist below,


just more. 

not only for you,

or your family,

or your community,

this is for those of you looking for a sign;

well this is it.

You were meant to be more than just a "clout chaser."

 you were meant to be a world changer.

and for one second 

if you even doubted yourself

I'll tell you again.

you were meant for something greater. 

so to my dreamers, 

this is for you.








This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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