A Night Under the Stars

Fri, 11/16/2012 - 12:00 -- kzlenka


United States
41° 22' 6.168" N, 82° 6' 27.5364" W

here i am, little ol' me, underneath Your galaxy.
there You are, up above, smiling down on me with love.

Lord i love you, by and by. You are my love, my firefly.
i wish to feel you, next to me. holding hands, silently.

You are my love, my heart's desire, spread Your warmth like a forest fire.
i need Your peace, Your sweet embrace. these heavy tears run down my face.

i feel this hole, inside my heart. Lord, i can't stand when we've apart.
i'm sorry God for all i've done. i'm left with a heart that weighs a ton.
please Lord, lift this burden. i'm done living a life of hurtin'

God i run back into Your arms, hold me tight, away from harm.
i love You Lord, i truly do.
and now my prayer, is sent to You.


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