Denial but really.....

When you get the answer to your problem; then you think it is over,
Then get a little feeling of peace and happiness, but still, you’re not going anywhere.
Then you feel that special guy really likes you and adore you,
But really around a crowd he ignores you.
When you and this guy is all alone,
Both of you is always laughing and shaking in your bones.
But you expect for that special guy to do it again around people, but really he is being cocky around the people.
You even try to take a quick stare at him whiles he's not looking,
But while you are looking, the anger boiling inside you is cooking.
Hoping this guy call you beautiful or say I love you,
But really all he does is ignore you.
But you have this feeling inside saying, "he likes me", but why he doesn't recognize me in reality?

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