A Dream Too Big For Anyone But Me

The array of faces gazing at me on stage

Induces a feeling within me I can't explain

Thousands of fans singing to every song

And while they're at screaming my name

The world is a big place, my mom always says.

But that's never a thing to stop me

From wanting to cahnge the world with my music

And giving back to all who have brought me, 

To this point where I know I have the ability

To spread music with peace and positivity.

Change the world; spread the love, no need for drugs and profanity

Show them I can be a good role model.

Because music is the outstretched arm for all humanity

And I know that I can do more than possible.

They say dreams are limitless and I totally agree

Because it’s a dream I know I can perceive and achieve.

So if someone asks me what one thing I would change,

I would say “the world, with my voice and my name.”


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