4 Letter Word... Love


Emporia, VA
1900 Halifax Street
United States
36° 42' 21.1536" N, 77° 31' 59.9628" W

Lies, lies, lies, life comes as a surprise. So Many things come repeated like a musical passage, reprise. Love me or love  me not, my heart is not a toy. Simple Future,every child, just us, girl and boy. Let's grow together. We can make it through anything, even the  baddest weather. Life  is full of obstacles, let me help you accomplish yours. This isn't paradise, lets make it more. Deep  at  the roots, flow like water. It's  amazing how love is, it's unlike any other. You Can tell me that you love me to use me, hurt, or even abuse me.     We question whether we love someone when we really don't know the meaning. You don't hurt someone you love. Love is such a strong drug, so strong that it'll leave you feening. Some people will do  anything for this thing. This one thing that can hurt your heart or even your brain. Yes this thing that we share in the form of kisses and hugs. It's this one thing that we share in our hearts, we call it LOVE.       Truth hurts but it works. Spread love not hate. Hate is what kills. Just causes hurt and no thrills. Fight with your heart and not with your fists. Change the world, that's all it is to this.                           


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