That's not what that means


His skin color does not mean

to violence he is keen

Skin color can't tell what lies

within a person, be it cruel or kind

When you see blue you think of sadness

When I see it too I think of gladness

A color you associate with bad

Maybe a color I think is rad

Colors mean something different for every being

What's good to remember is it's the outside you're seeing


Her tattoos don't mean she's suffered

it's merely art that she is covered

A body starts out as a blank page

we add scars and stories with age

Tattoos shouldn't be called appalling

It wasn't your opinion they were drawing

In her art you see the story of her life

Don't associate the permanence with strife

She put a lot of effort in deciding 

what she wanted, she colors, the sizing

Don't feel the need to get up and leave

just because she's wearing her heart on her sleeve


His minimum wage occupation doesn't tell you

the hard time he's working his way through

You can't just guess that he quit high school

Maybe he's in college despite you

All his life they told him he couldn't 

he kept on fighting, he's getting through it

60 hours a week is barely enough

yeah at times he's had it rough

Now a diploma hangs on his wall

he didn't need help from you at all

And even though you thought he was dim

Now he's your boss and you take orders from him


Her gender isn't a part

of wether or not she can walk to her car in the dark

You offered your eldest sons help

She laughed saying "I can take care of myself"

You need to realize she's an individual

She's not burdened by her female genitals

Perfectly capable of taking on the world on her own

Maybe it's you who's insecure when alone

She won't mind you walking her to her car

but don't insinuate she can't make it that far


Strength and compassion are traits that run deep

the judgmental path you are walking runs steep

For every one of you who are mean and condemnatory

Someone with compassion took time, heard their story

Love is stronger than your hate

I hope you understand this before it's too late

One day I'd like the heartache to cease

what I wish for the most is a world at peace




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