A Legend In The Making

Keep your head up kid

Wipe those tears from your chin

Let me tell you something,

I hope you never forget…

Don’t ever worry about fitting in

Just be yourself

Don’t let fear get in your way

In fact, or anything else

Because they’ll all turn you away

When you tell them you’re a rapper

Fuck what they think

Don’t let your feet stagger

Shatter their world with laughter

Keep climbing up that ladder

I know you can do it

Doesn’t matter what it is

You’re a tough kid

You’ll pull through it

Any wall, I know you’ll break through it

Do whatever you got to do to pursue it

And make those dreams come true

Lace up, and let loose

You got the whole world to prove

So make your move

Better act soon

They’ll all show you doubt too

That’s why you better become immune

Because if it was up to them

They’d throw your ass in the tombs

You must assume

They’re all coming for you

Just resume doing what you do.

Remember, the world doesn’t see from your point of view

Follow through and don’t give up for nothing

An be careful who you’re trusting

Because most people only care about the money

Put that knife down

Your wrists aren’t worth cutting

I know you feel like erupting

And maybe like there’s no hope

But you didn’t come this far for nothing

The real people out there, aren’t the ones judging

There the ones doing the loving

Sometimes the world may seem disgusting

Really, your eyes just need some adjusting

Don’t worry, your time is coming

There’s no need for running

Be comfortable with the person that you are becoming

This life is yours for the taking

There’s no forsaking

You’re a legend in the making

Always stay blazing

Reality is what you’re escaping

Instead, try to embrace it

Listen to these words that I’m saying

Keep your head up kid


One day I know you’ll be amazing... 


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