Les Soldats

Is when everything moves at once
When the whole moves in unison 
Like soldiers standing akimbo preparing for bombardment
But in this case synched against a bombardment of ideas that are against what the machine attests,
What the board has demanded protests progress 
And what the cartoons have landed them in is a state of solemn agreement
With Jessie's and hyperactivity,
Toxicity forms in the children who can't form articulate thought for longer than five seconds
When their creativity is squashed by iPads and iPods
The peas are spoiled, but no one cares at all
At least they have more than I did is what the parents will say.
It never occurred to them that childhoods full of games and tests that didn't involve computers or being numbered as the best could manifest in a solid future,
Since back in their day they had to walk to it.
But since technology is better they swear their kids will jet pack to theirs in a cashmere sweater and a crown in their hair
The numbers on their papers are fine but the knowledge is on a tilting rocking chair
Children are being left behind and your taxes are being wasted.
Half of you are wasting money on ADHD medication because your doctor decided to medicate a curious mind bound with butterflies and questions,
Deemed them excessive therefore abnormal,
Ritalin is the formal best friend of the modern day adolescent
When it should be the search for a great perhaps,
And just perhaps, that perhaps can't be found in a school and children shouldn't be deemed incapable for not giving a fuck about logarithms or sohcahtoa
You tell us this shit is important but when I get a degree in English will I need to determine the area of a triangle or the area where my inner mind lies?
And if she likes dancing and America likes eating and the government likes shooting, where the fuck is the school going to find money for a dance program?
My question is, when is the programming going to stop?
When are the kids going to be allowed to think for themselves before the ideals of a fucked up world are formed into soap bars 
Formed by the fat of the bourgeoisie,
Scrubbed into the skin of the youth until they are 'squeaky clean'
And, when will they realize kids can't think because of what they see,
Nothing is wrong with their brain activity, because what you don't see is conditioning on tv,
My generation was fine with classic Disney
But now that the same frame is only on for 3 seconds at a time can you even focus?
Do you hear the locusts whirring in your brain as your thoughts scatter on to a platter promptly drowned down the drain of lost potential?
And if you do, does it make sense for your children to?

There's always something you can do.


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