Wed, 10/30/2013 - 23:45 -- Mesa

The rising of anxiety, is riding me, so privately and I can't seem to find my needs, so I just sit here silently, No sense of propiety, eats my soul so violently, I'm hiding from society, I'm fighting myself mindlessly, My mind blocks signs of piety, relying highly on impulse. Adrenaline, bursting fierce behind the scenes, blinding me, reminding me that I can't see beyond my dreams, lost sense of reality. This is not what I dreamed of, how could this have come to be, Its not how I pictured it. The images circle around my head, as I reach for my radial pulse, its racing, respiration rate rises, I'm dizzy now, I'm coming down, can't hear a sound. Flight or fight, wrong or right, time is slightly out of sight, time to find some time to breathe, seek the piece inside of me, which fills me with maturity, then realize that reality, will free me from anxiety.    

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