It Isn't About the Money


I was on a train headed back to my college after visiting home for the weekend.

I took advantage of the ten-and-a-half hour ride to write an essay for World Literature.

English is my intended major

I want to not only teach but to change lives.

"English," The arrogant man next to me scoffs, "What a useless degree."

He continues, "What can you do with an English degree? Teach?" 

"Precisely," I reply through gritted teeth. 

"I work construction and I bet I make double the money you will in your whole life."

His condescending tone was so thick, 

You could almost see it rolling out of his bearded mouth.

I think my argument out carefully before continuing,

"Without English you would not be able to form that sentence

You would never be able to read even the most basic children book.

Without English you would be forced into further arrogance 

Lacking basic communication skills 

We would still be in the stone-age.

English teachers do not make the most money

We do not drive the nicest cars

English teachers open minds and hearts

We pass knowledge on that will last a lifetime 

English teachers make a difference everyday 

And that, makes me the richest person in the universe."




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