I am not the Worlds Historian

I don't keep the worlds histories
I don't solve the worlds mysteries
And I am not their story keeper
I am no mans scribe.
That is not my life.

I have read their stories
And I have seen their lives,
I have read and wondered
about how they lived, and died.
And where they spend eternity.

The worlds histories and mysteries
Are now set in stone.
the ones that came before
Are now very long gone.
But still I read their stories
Chronicles of their fates.
I consider my own life.
And wonder if its too late.

The ones that came before us
From ancient kings to beggars down-
Low in muddy streets
Their stories of renown,
Are paths for us to follow
They are lines for us to trace,
And I can't help but wonder
If the world deserves its fate.

For history came before us
So that we might see their mistakes
The errors beggars and rulers made
And so we would not make
The very same missteps
That made a nation crumble.
But we do not see,
And I watch the nations stumble.

Nothing is new under the sun
So Ecclesiasties said.
What has happened before this time
Will surely happen again.
If not today then tomorrow
And how foolish to consider that-
Something new will happen.
There is nothing new left.

What has been done before
Will surely be done again.
Nations rise and nations fall
And I fear our nation is next.
Which nation is that, you ask?
I tell you, fear in my heart.
Every nation is in danger
Our world is tearing itself apart.

No one cares to read the histories
Or ponder out the mysteries.
No one cares to understand
And read up God's mysterious Plan.
We all, are too busy hurtling towards our fates
And God knows the time,
He has set the date.

Yet I cannot help but wonder...
What would have happened if--
We stopped grabbing at the Future
And took the Past's gifts.
If we stopped looking at ourselves
And let God open our eyes.
Would we see the big picture?
And save the world in time?

Of course-
The future is already planned
Every note, every step every gesture, and-
Nothing can be done outside that plan.
But the Past left us gifts for a reason,
That we would not learn them is treason,

Nations fell when they drew back from God
He called them back but they would not nod
Stiff-necked with pride they turned their backs
Hearts hard as stone,
They had to face facts.
Judgement comes to all.
This historical mystery
Is the least mysterious one of all.


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