Colors of Change

And here I thought these feelings for you had expired, but then the moment I saw you again..damn, so inspired. In my heart, I thought, I no longer sought, for you to have a place. Until again we were face to face. The type of face.. I could wake up to daily, and never grow tired. The type of body I would love to taste.. from head to toe, toe to head. Your body is looking like sustainence, and I yearn to be fed. Your precious heart is telling a story that needs to be read. I'm not these guys who to play with your body, will play with your head. And no baby, never your heart. Damn, I think you had a piece of mine from the start. From day one I looked at you and breath ceased to exist. Ecstasy in your body. Face...pure bliss. Said to myself, E, she could steal your heart. She could be your wife. The one to play the part, in who you'll plant a seed, so that she can give it life. I'm the one who would wake you up with a cup of your favorite coffee, along with a single rose and a kiss that ends with a bite. Placing tongue kisses all over your body because I just know you taste so right. Watching the sun rays peek through at your face, a Diamond shining in the light. I see you, for you. I recognize your grind, I admire your hustle. Such a pretty little misses, that most probably overlook your muscle. Beauty in your ambition, and that beautiful heart knows no quit. You're a boss in whatever you do. So sexy in your confidence, not taking no shit. I don't fear it. You got plans to have the world at your feet? Baby let me hear it. Let's lay the groundwork together. I'd be happy to be your shelter in the storm, but how about we change the weather? Or better yet, fly above it. If you're in, I'm down. If you like it, I love it. Together we could be the perfect storm, trailblazing new paths. You're a Queen who deserves a King to match your hunger. Mine for you is insatiable, like damn I hate to wait any longer. I'm just asking you to open your heart, let it lead you to open your eyes. I want to lay claim on that first, before I lay down my manhood and put a spark between those thighs. Come into these arms as I prepare a place in my heart for you to enter. Let me build a dream, with you as my Queen at the center. You work so hard, I'd massage and kiss those feet every day. Teach me what makes your heart smile, I'll overflow it with joy in every way. I'll challenge your mind, I'm more complex, with more depth you thought. And if you entrust your body to me, I'll protect it, and in time deliver every pleasure it ever sought. I don't know what you have to lose, but you have everything to gain. Let me be your home and your pillow, curl up in me when it rains. I think you're breathtakingly beautiful on every level. For you I'll always want the best. You deserve nothing less. Give me the chance to be that for you. Let God's Hands write the rest. In this confession, I'm throwing pride aside. All you have to do is let me in. All you have to do is say Yess!



What a beautiful piece of writing!

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