A Crawling giant.


Despite being gallant
You are so flippant
Now you have crumbled
Under the weight of your own bundle
Which is filled with avarice
And governed by men of malice
Who have talents so peculiar
Fingers of kleptomania
Now we live in enigma
Just like people in a cinema
We do not know d next scene to unfold
Filled with fear of the untol

Land of born heroes
Why so many failures
But the time is here
To arise from despair
Rise to your full height
Irrespective of your plight
Stand up to your feet
And say no to your defeat
Achieve this feat
And shake of the shackles of misfit
Land of milk and honey
Get to the very end of your journey
Awake! o heroes
Lets rescue ourselves from the messiahs of doom
Whose only interest is in the oil boom
our country is sinking

letsmake greed extinct
Let unity reign
Let blessing rain
Regardless of your tribe
Refuse any form of bribe
Regardless of your religion
Or your geo-political region
Let us stand as one
In unity ever sworn.

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