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They say education is important

So why can’t it be

When you’re sitting at your desk with your hands between your knees

Students sigh in advance when you pass out a test

You have made learning about grades and that’s not what is best

We have made education a burden

Homework is hell

Learning is stupid

And so what if we fail

But education is worth it to those who don’t know

While we’re sitting in classrooms, others are striving for their own

Banned from going to school in worlds quite unknown

Deprived from education, starving for words alone

I want to learn about helping others

Not if one plus one equals two

I want to learn about what I can do instead of just sitting there in school

We think that learning is nothing, but oh how we’re wrong

When learning is life, and it goes so far along

Education is a gift but we throw it away

Act as if it’s a sin and it’s no longer okay

Start speaking with a voice and stop with the monotony

Education should not just be about you, it’s a democracy

I want change

I want advocacy

I want to speak for those who cannot

I wish to give the opportunity we have to children who want


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