Changes in American Policy

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 18:47 -- tmfink


There are many things that need a fix

But if I can only change just one,

Government policy is what I’d pick

Even if only a little can be done.


The economy is in such a bad state,

While working wage jobs are not so many;

Families have bills that are very late

And food, well, some don’t have any.


Politicians strive for new legislation

As they constantly argue up on the Hill,

With shutdowns, reductions, and eliminations-

All they keep doing is raising our bill.


With multiple tax hikes and high gas prices,

And grocery costs going through the roof,

No wonder we are in such a crisis

But our U.S. government is still quite aloof.


I believe that one of our best options

Is to rally everyone to the voting polls;

Let’s end this reckless representation

With a replacement of caring souls.


American Democracy is meant for all of us

It’s not just there for the privileged few,

Taking our country back would be a plus

It’ll be a positive change for me and you.


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