The Trick to a Race


Based on a set of
Fibonacci cheat codes,
And an almight being;
We all came from one
Flower stem
Which postioned us as petals
In unique places,
So that we might 
Take in the most light.


That must be where
The problems begins,
Because evidently,
Light catching until skin is
A lovely shade of brown
Is less preferable to
Solid, light reflecting
Colors similar to porcelain.


This isn't 
Quite so true now;
So we try to 
Reflect our history,
Only to end up 
With mixed up images
And skewed messages 
When trying to read it 

Somewhere in that picture
Were the lost facts that
White people owned 
White people as slaves before
White people owned
Black people as slaves 
And that
White people also owned
Hispanic people as slaves

But since white people owned
No intrest in distinction,
It must mean that
We don't have to either,
So now its
White people still making black rules
And spoken history still
Blatantly ignoring
As a majority, the
Few hispanics who call for recognition.

Majority now ruling that 
A few black people must 
Call for black suffering to be recognized
Without all of us joining the group to 
Heal our problems

Starting generations 
In which we teach
The trick to a race;  
That all people
Are just people,
Who's random reactions
Are not to be 
Racially rated
Like algorithmic classifications

Instead we've got
Generations of
Black people talking about 
White people
Who they've been taught to be
Paranoid about. Its
Racism in reverse;
Only to tell the world
That we're going backwards.

Who needs time travel?
We're already stuck in the past.


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