Bang Your Hot Coworker -- Metaphorically, of Course


Change, change, change. 

What would I change about my appearance?
What would I change about my life?
What would I change about my world?

I'd change the idea of "change" itself. Think about it.

Change can mean two things.
Change is either negative or positive.
There can be good changes, like switching to a more enjoyable career or a more flattering hair color. There can be bad changes as well, like becoming unhappy with life or losing a friend.

Overall, change isn't defined by what becomes different.
Change is defined by how we adjust.

Whether we sulk in our bedrooms, listening to sad music and gorging on icecream,
or whether we take action and choose to overcome the change - that's what matters.

I would change the concept that change itself is necessary.

We as a society have been told to change this and that,
          lose some weight,
                get a fancy new car,
                     and break up with your girlfriend in order to shag your hot coworker. 

Overall, this conception of change is what is wrong.
Yes, those examples are "improvement" - but how have they affected the individual?

Change is about sacrifice. Change is about doing what is right and following through.
Change isn't about upgrading, fixing up, or reinventing ourselves.

Change is about improving the core of who we really are. 
And that's not a waist width, number of horsepower, or relationship.

It's so much more than that.


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