Ode to Heartbreaks



Couldn’t be you all by yourself

You’re within us like a conscious ready to take someones eternal wealth

Why do I praise you if the idea makes me so terribly sick?

Well, there is an after effect thats much better than the crappy feelings you forget

Oh, heartbreaks

They're for the bold minds who are stronger

Makes the heart grow wiser and fonder

Give thanks to the smart fool that made your mind ponder

For he is like a blurred line in the path we look forward to see

It’s building us up to the person we want to be


I can smell you from a mile away

You come in the form of clouded judgement

Making a visible permanent a temporary stay

I love to notice when you’re leaving

Though the pain runs deeper than it may seem

You’ll be an addition to my past that I won’t let last

My shoulder is cold, on which you may no longer lean

So heartbreaks,

Contemplating every possible to get the very best out of me

I’m sure all the other emotions are green with envy

Stupid Heartbreaks, Kudos to you

The sarcasm of this ode helps get me through.

Thank you heart break!

Its been no walk in the park

It was a long, painful journey that helped mend my broken heart


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