Teacher, Teacher


Teacher, teacher, taught me well,

just about the opposite of 'rich-as-hell'.

Teacher, teacher, is what I want to be,

my dream job, my soon-to-be.

Teacher, teacher, with lesson plans,

"Yes you can go to the bathroom", "please raise your hand".

Teacher, teacher, this job will change your life,

the future depends on your ability to advise.

Teacher, teacher, respectable and wise,

the extensive education will cost you money and time.

Teacher, teacher, the benefits are outnumbered

what's better than not having to work during the summer?

Teacher, teacher, I want to be like you,

change the world, be someone's muse.

Teacher, teacher, this job would change my life,

as well as an extra $1000 for college, you want me to have a good education - right?



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